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     The Time is at hand, America is being dismantled from the inside out right before your very eyes faster than you can imagine... This administration has made the U.S. vulnerable. With over 7.5 Million illegals that have come across our border and are still coming. Not only the influx of immigrants from the south, they are both Chinese and Middle-Eastern coming across with the goal to infiltrate our government and our way of life. You were warned that Joe Biden was going to systematically tear America apart, flooding this country with illegal immigrants, stripping U.S. Citizens of our Rights and Freedoms that makes our country great and it's happening at an alarming rate. Democrat's, the liberal left and the Media are onboard and backing these people in order to erase and change the very foundation this great nation was built on. Unfortunately, this takeover is well under way.

Even tho China is our biggest threat, recently China, Russia, North Korea and Iran have met in order to create a coalition to help each other achieve their goals that will eventually wreak havok in the Asian Pacific, Middle East and on the U.S. It's only a matter of time that we have a major disruption that will send us into chaos. The disruption of our Electrical Grids, Contamination of our Water Filtration Systems, the Biological Poisoning of our Food Sources or another more serious Pandemic will cause our society to turn on itself. Look at what happened during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Store shelves were emptied and basic supplies ran out. Next time the population will be on a greater level of violence and destruction. Stealing, looting, killing, no one will be safe.

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